a three egg omelette which you can have plain or use the guide below to build it how you like.
add meat: $1.84  each
ham, turkey, salami, bacon, or sausage
add vegetables $.46  each
tomatoes, red onions, bell peppers, cucumbers, or mushrooms
add avocados $1.38  
add sun-dried tomatoes $1.38  
add cheese $.92  each
american, monterey jack, pepper jack, provolone, or swiss
create your own custom breakfast with the items below.
eggs $1.15  each
bacon $1.84  (for 3 strips)
sausage $1.84  (for 2 links)
ham steak $2.30  
hashbrowns $1.61  
french toast $1.38  each
pancakes $1.38  each
toast $1.15  
english muffin $1.15  
on bread or bagel $4.14  
on croissant $4.60